What is hypnosis?

I love answering this question!

won't go on and on about the subject BUT for many many years, movies and sources have portrayed it as a person staring at a stop watch swinging back and forth or looking into a crazy turning tunnel that would honestly make me lose my lunch. The person then drifts off into the world of sleep and wakes up not knowing what happened. This is NOT what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is state that everyone reaches many many times over their lifetime. Whether it be by watching TV and 'zoning out' or highway hypnosis where you suddenly wonder if you missed your turn off. 

Hypnosis is a relaxed state where your therapist will use techniques intended to move you toward health and wholeness.

You are completely aware and awake, just very relaxed. You may emerge from hypnosis at any time you feel and if you do end up falling asleep from being too relaxed your hypnotist will wake you, because no work can be done if you're asleep.

After your session you can remember everything, it may seem a little dream like but you are now on your way to a more healthy and happy you!

Remember to get lots of rest after and drink water. Your mind will be processing the new information and needs to be in tip top shape!

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