Every Monday, I dedicate the day to Astral Healing. Each client recieves a 45 minute session.

I will connect to your astral body through spirit form and work with you energetically to move energy through areas where I see that you might be stuck.


Clients often say afterwards that they feel as if a weight has been lifted, or they feel the ability to move forward.

After the healing I will send you a 1 page overview of what was found and worked on.


I will send you a welcome email after purchasing that includes a Monday booking and pre-session information. Please do not tell me anything that you may be experiencing prior to the session as it may affect the session.


The best work is done when the energy is not hung up on a pre conceived notion of what your human form is experiencing. 


Since a very profound experience during self hypnosis, I have found that my connection to spirit has increased dramatically, allowing me to help others in this spiritual way. 


Disclaimer - This is in no way a form of medical healing. Please speak to your doctor if you are   in need of medical treatment.

Astral Healing


    Hilary Leehane B.Des CH MH




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