Below is the process in which I will conduct a session with each participant.

Please allocate at least 40 minutes per participant when booking.

Please have a meeting room available for a quick 10 minute pre talk about hypnosis and what to expect.

1. Participants will be seated in a comfortable chair. Each session is confidential so a smaller to medium sized room would be necessary.

2. Participants will have previously filled out a confidential form about what they would like to work on.

3. Participants will be taken through a 15 -20 minute session, where the subconscious mind will be activated and allow for the creative mind to become dominant.

4. Each session will be based on their form with previously stated intent. 

5. After each session the participant will have a 3-5 minute debrief.

6. After each participants mind has been creatively engaged there will be some time for questions. Further follow up can be through email.

Each participant will be left with a greater sense of themselves, their own creative abilities and self confidence! 

Hilary Leehane B.Des CH MH




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